About Us

With over 20 years experience as a designer for Cesar Solis and over 35 years experience in the building industry for Grant Fielder, the union of Creative Director Cesar and Director Grant, is one that makes for solid skills and practice. 

To collectively merge these two well-established minds and personal passions for what they do, August was born. For Cesar and Grant, the August name in particular, “represents a shift in focus and attitude – a new culture. Design, quality and integrity are what embodies us in our commitment to bringing dream homes to life.”

“For us, our motivation isn’t just about creating aesthetically appealing homes -  although we recognise the look is important (we don’t deny that at all!). However what we do drive focus on are details, smart solutions and the best methods of construction.”

The ‘House of August’ is our collective team. Our people and our culture mean that we can work together effectively and with a sincere purpose to exceed the expectations of our clients.

“This is where we came to understand how we could communicate our true, brand promise - ‘making dream homes, home.’ It succinctly describes what we do for our clients - we facilitate the creation of something they have always dreamt of and we turn it into a reality. There’s nothing more rewarding than that.”

- Designers and Home Builders on the Gold Coast & Brisbane Queensland -

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au.gust | adjective

respected and impressive.

"in august company"